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Watch that Hidden Poison in your Rice
  • November 09, 2019
  • By: Dr Michael Lim

Did you know that arsenic is found in some food crops including rice? Since rice is a staple for most, it is important to choose the right rice you eat! Studies have shown that basmati rice is lower in arsenic than other kinds of rice whereas brown rice has a higher content of arsenic than white. This is because arsenic is concentrated in the bran that is removed by milling to produce white rice.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring metal element that is present in water, air and soil, and is absorbed by some food crops as they grow. Prolonged exposure or consumption is linked to adverse health effects in multiple organ systems and cancer. The highest levels of arsenic are found in seafood such as fish, crustaceans and seaweed, while rice products have the next highest arsenic content because rice crops are exposed to higher arsenic levels in the soil.

Following strict regulations prescribed by the Singapore Food Agency, Dashmesh stringently adheres to the permissible maximum limits of arsenic for all our food products. 

In his article, Dr Michael Lim, Medical Director of MWH Heart Stroke and Cancer Centre, offers some simple solutions to reduce the arsenic content in rice, which are backed up by studies conducted by Mosley and Meharg from the United Kingdom. By soaking the rice longer before cooking, you can reduce the arsenic level in your rice, such that only 18% of arsenic remain. 

So why not choose the right type of rice you eat today? Check out Temasek Gold Basmati Rice, lower in arsenic and glycaemic index (GI), to ensure the best for you and your family!

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Source: Watch that Hidden Poison in your Rice, The Business Times

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