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The Amla Gooseberry is way more than just a quirky name
  • January 05, 2022
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Gooseberries are native to the Northern-Hemisphere and can grow in a range of soil types, creating many regional sub-species like the Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla in the Hindi language.

Amla’s is notable for it’s high vitamin C content, making it a powerful skin supplement used in Ayurveda practice to help heal wounds faster and maintain skin tightness. Amla also has very high fibre per 100 gram-serving despite the low calorie count, outperforming other foods like oats and bananas by being an easy way to maintain digestive health without excessive calories.

Despite not being a citrus fruit, Amla has a strong flavour akin to a grape with an additional bitter sharpness that makes it an exciting addition to any drink, main course or dessert. Ever wanted an intensely-flavoured candy or juice with a load of health benefits? Amla is the perfect ingredient!

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