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Singapore Food Distributor Sees 19% Revenue Jump by Going Global (E-commerce) – IMDA
  • July 25, 2023
  • By: Hafiz Khalil

In the face of the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, while many businesses struggled, Dashmesh Singapore Pte Ltd, a local SME specializing in Indian and Pakistani food distribution, not only survived but thrived. By embracing the power of B2B e-commerce and tapping into global opportunities, Dashmesh saw remarkable growth, recording a 19% increase in revenue and expanding its presence in close to 50 countries.


From Humble Beginnings to Global Success

Dashmesh started as a one-man operation in 1985, gradually growing into a full-fledged SME catering to the distribution and export needs of its niche food products. Amid fierce competition and low margins, Dashmesh faced additional challenges when the pandemic struck, disrupting global trade.

Going Digital – A Game-Changing Decision

Realizing the need to adapt and find new ways to reach international markets, Dashmesh embraced digital transformation. In August 2020, it took a bold step by listing its products on Alibaba.com, a leading B2B e-commerce platform for global trade. This strategic move allowed Dashmesh to break through physical boundaries, connecting with buyers and suppliers from around the world.

Broadening Customer Base and Diversifying Risks

With its online presence, Dashmesh broadened its customer base, beyond restaurants, to wholesalers and smaller retailers across various countries like the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, and more. This diversification enabled the company to mitigate geographical risks and achieve remarkable growth.

Access to High-Quality Suppliers and Innovative Products

Being part of Alibaba’s e-commerce platform gave Dashmesh access to a wider pool of suppliers, allowing the introduction of higher quality products, including its own house brands like Temasek Gold Basmati Rice and the Malika range of lentils, spices, and nuts.

Overcoming Language Barriers

Communication with a global customer base became seamless with the translation feature integrated into the e-commerce platform. This allowed Dashmesh to interact efficiently with customers who spoke different languages.

The Rewards of Digitalization

Though digitalizing its traditional business demanded efforts and continuous learning, Dashmesh reaped immense benefits. The SME saved time in finding customers, experienced revenue growth, and gained global visibility. Today, Dashmesh conducts much of its business online, showcasing the power of digital transformation.

Embrace Digitalization – Unlock Boundless Opportunities

Dashmesh’s inspiring success story proves that digitalization is a fundamental shift reshaping industries and opening boundless opportunities. No matter the company’s size, embracing digital transformation can lead to higher revenues, reduced man-hours, and improved customer communication.

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