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Since our inception, we have learnt that change is the only constant. As such, we constantly innovate ourselves and incorporate technological advancements into our company’s processes.

Through systems such as the SAP, we are able to monitor market trends and demands to better meet customers’ expectations.

Brand Creation, Development and Success of the Temasek Gold and Malika Range of Products

There is no better way to show our versatility and understanding of the local market than our two successful housebrands – Temasek Gold and Malika.

We realised that despite the basmati rice segment having many different brands, there was a shift towards healthier living among the local population. As such, Temasek Gold Basmati Rice was created to offer a healthier version with its lower glycaemic index, while Malika Gold Basmati Rice was developed to offer our customers an alternative choice in terms of pricing for everyday use. 

The Malika brand was developed to offer the assurance that all lentils, nuts and spices marketed under this brand are of the highest quality and best affordability.

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