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Temasek Gold

Grown and fertilised by clean, snow-fed water of the Himalayas where the right climate and soil conditions prevail, Temasek Gold Basmati Rice yields only one crop a year.

Following this, Temasek Gold is aged for two years and each grain is then meticulously selected for quality and texture.

Tested and certified Low in Glycaemic Index (GI), Temasek Gold Basmati Rice causes blood sugar levels to rise and fall slowly, thus helping one feel fuller for longer periods of time. This then curbs appetite and is useful for those attempting to lose weight. It is also the perfect choice for diabetics.

Temasek Gold Basmati Rice also proves to be less starchy and has lesser carbohydrates while being high in fibre, hence making it the healthier choice for all.

Versatile for all dishes, from claypot rice, biryani to nasi lemak, Temasek Gold is indeed the perfect fit for all ethnicities. 

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about us


Malika Premium Quality lentils, nuts and spices create an amazing range of Indian dry food products. 

Malika lentils and spices are packed by renown millers to the most stringent of hygienic standards to provide our customers with an umbrella brand for all their ethnic product needs all under one brand – Malika.

Malika nuts include 320 cashews, groundnuts, pistachios, almonds and raisins, all available from 100g packs to 25kg cartons. With these many nuts, it’s time to go nuts about nuts!

Malika Premium Quality lentils, spices and nuts are sourced from various high-quality areas from around the world. Because with Malika, premium quality is guaranteed.

Malika Gold Basmati Rice offers high quality basmati rice at an affordable price. Fit for everyday cooking!

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