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Mustard is much more than hot-dog sauce
  • January 19, 2022
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Historically, mustard has been used as a seasoning, medical aid and even as a cover crop to maintain soil quality. This versatility has made the mustard plant gain worldwide adoption for it’s utility and ease of incorporating into cooking through their seeds, leaves and oil. As such, mustard continues to be the well loved condiment for it’s strong flavour akin to a dry and spicy heat.

Mustard seeds and oil have been used to prevent indigestion, helping maintain blood sugar levels especially for diabetics. It also has high amounts of trace minerals like selenium to clear blocked airways, acting as an asthma relief. Mustard oil can even be used for minor skin burns by providing pain relief and improved blood flow to the affected area.

In seed, leaf or oil form, mustard imparts a pungency and spicy depth often experienced in Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. Mustard seeds will offer different levels of intensity and aroma depending on the colour, with the leaves offering a similar but milder taste compared to the seeds. The oil has a high smoke point, suitable for frying when intense flavour is needed. Deep fried samosas in mustard oil? Irresistible!

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