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Lentils are the original superfood
  • December 07, 2021
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We are constantly touted with supposedly “undiscovered superfood” or that are good for our health. We have forgotten about the humble lentil that has been a staple for centuries for of its excellent nutritional value.

Lentils are calorie-dense, allowing a high-energy meal without the need for an excessive portion. These calories are backed up by high amounts of protein, fibre and trace minerals such as iron and phosphorus, which are essential to healthy bodily functions like heart health, bone density and controlling blood sugar levels.

Lentils are fast-cooking, edible within 15 to 20 minutes, with larger varieties such as chickpeas taking at least 30 minutes or less if soaked before cooking. Lentils can be used in different cuisines ranging from salads to stews and desserts. Lentils with rice, leafy greens or as cake flour? The combinations are endless!

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