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Is it Methi? Or Fenugreek?
  • January 28, 2022
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Fenugreek, also known as Methi in Hindi, is native to West Asia and North Africa and used as an alternative medicine for it’s health benefits and in cooking. As a seasoning, the leaves and seeds have a combination of sweetness and bitterness similar to burnt sugar and have an aroma similar to maple syrup, giving them an intense savoury depth.

Methi’s most popular medicinal use is to increase breast milk production for struggling mothers, with many reporting positive effects within 2-3 weeks of supplementation. Methi also has high amounts of minerals like potassium and can reduce the effects of diabetes as it’s slow-digesting fibre helps to control blood sugar. 

Extensively used in Indian and Ethiopian cooking, Methi is perfect for adding a complex depth and a mild sweetness. Methi is very bitter when burned or can overpower a dish when used excessively, but Methi offers a culinary experience like no other seasoning when used masterfully. Be it sprouted Methi salad, Methi chutney or as part Ethiopian Berbere spice rub, all are amazing!

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