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Ghee is the definitive choice of fat
  • December 16, 2021
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In the later half of the 20th century, fat in diets was demonized for supposedly being harmful to health. Recent studies have shown that fat is good for our body. One healthy fat, is ghee.

Ghee is clarified butter that was further roasted to bring out a nutty flavour, making it an excellent choice for savoury dishes and desserts through the richness and high smoke point. It can be stored room temperature for three to six months on average and can last for a year when refrigerated. Want the richness of butter but none of its cooking blunders? Ghee is the way!

Ghee’s nutrition profile is noteworthy for containing Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) that aids heart health BY lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Ghee also has been used in the Ayurveda practice for nourishing skin and treatment of skin abrasions, making it more than just a mere cooking fat.

Cooking oil is decent, but ghee will bring your cooking and health to the next level! Check out our range of ghee from Amul, Leila and Patanjali and fill your dishes with richness today!


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