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Dashmesh x OTH – Buka Puasa 2023 Read more

Dashmesh x OTH – Buka Puasa 2023

  • April 21, 2023
  • By: Hafiz Khalil

Dashmesh Singapore recently sponsored an Iftar event on 8th April 2023 to bring together people from different backgrounds and provide them with an opportunity to break their fast together. The event was a huge success and was attended by some special guests including Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Mr […]

Dashmesh x Alibaba.com Read more

Dashmesh x Alibaba.com

  • April 04, 2023
  • By: Hafiz Khalil

On 17th March 2023, Praveen, representing Dashmesh Singapore, had the privilege of being a guest speaker at the Alibaba.com Conference. He shared his extensive knowledge and insights on e-commerce with an enthusiastic audience of entrepreneurs and business leaders. The conference was an incredible experience, filled with energy and a spirit of collaboration that was truly […]

Celebrating Christmas 2022 with AWWA Read more

Celebrating Christmas 2022 with AWWA

  • December 21, 2022
  • By: Hafiz Khalil

Dashmesh Singapore is proud to be a part of AWWA‘s Christmas Celebration in conjunction with Connextions International. It was an event where elders are gathered and they sang traditional and celebratory songs together. Organized at AWWA Senior Community Home, the elderly were singing with joy throughout the entire event. We were able to provide Amul […]

SME 100 Award Recipient 2022: Dashmesh Singapore Pte Ltd Read more

(From left to right: Mr.Praveen, Mr. Deep, Ms Kiran, Mr Arthur Tan, Mr Nachhattar Singh, Mr Sooraj, Mr Kharthik, Mr Satish & Mr Sasi) On 16 September 2022, Dashmesh Singapore Pte Ltd was awarded the SME 100 award. This is an annual award given to fast moving companies in their respective industries. The event was […]

International Yoga Day’ 2022 Read more

Dashmesh is proud to have taken part in the International Day of Yoga??‍♀️ in conjuction with High Commission of India in Singapore. It was an enthralling event with people of various races taking part to celebrate via yoga. Organised at the iconic and scenic Marina Barrage, even the rain couldn’t hamper the enthusiasm of the […]

Probiotics are your tummy’s best friend Read more

  While fermented and aged foods have been around for thousands of years, little was known as to why they were so beneficial to our health. Probiotics were first discovered in by Stamen Grigorov in 1905 in Bulgarian yoghurt, and since then have been praised as one of the most powerful supplements to our gut […]

Is it Methi? Or Fenugreek? Read more

Fenugreek, also known as Methi in Hindi, is native to West Asia and North Africa and used as an alternative medicine for it’s health benefits and in cooking. As a seasoning, the leaves and seeds have a combination of sweetness and bitterness similar to burnt sugar and have an aroma similar to maple syrup, giving […]

Mustard is much more than hot-dog sauce Read more

Historically, mustard has been used as a seasoning, medical aid and even as a cover crop to maintain soil quality. This versatility has made the mustard plant gain worldwide adoption for it’s utility and ease of incorporating into cooking through their seeds, leaves and oil. As such, mustard continues to be the well loved condiment […]

The Amla Gooseberry is way more than just a quirky name Read more

Gooseberries are native to the Northern-Hemisphere and can grow in a range of soil types, creating many regional sub-species like the Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla in the Hindi language. Amla’s is notable for it’s high vitamin C content, making it a powerful skin supplement used in Ayurveda practice to help heal wounds faster […]

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