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To our stakeholders, who are integral to our success, we pledge to build legacies together.
Continued growth not alone, but hand in hand, with our stakeholders will be the benchmark for success at Dashmesh.
Quality guaranteed, for today and the years ahead.

Nachhattar Singh

Mr Nachhattar Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Nachhattar Singh founded the company in 1985 and grew it to what it is today. He leads the company in achieving its vision and mission and ensures that it gives back to society whenever possible. Mr Nash loves exercising and his pet dog and enjoys bringing him for long walks during the weekends, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Nachhattar Singh

Ms Kiran Kaur

General Manager

Kiran joined Dashmesh in 2006 as an Import Executive. Due to her business savviness and passion for the job, she rose to become the General Manager of Dashmesh today. Besides handling day to day logistics and operations, Kiran provides useful advice and guidance to the other departments including import, marketing and finance. Being a food lover, Kiran enjoys looking for good food all over Singapore.

Nachhattar Singh

Mr Amanuzzaman

Assistant Manager (IT)

Motivated by a childhood interest in computers, Aman graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications in 2005. Aman joined Dashmesh as Assistant Manager in Information Technology in 2019, after a decade of work experience in this field. A movie buff, he loves catching up on the latest action flicks in his leisure.

Nachhattar Singh

Ms Jessa

Supply Chain Manager

Jessa graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration in 2006. Since joining the Company in 2010, Jessa has been overseeing the supply chain management in terms of receiving and processing orders. As such, she has to administer the warehouse operations, plan and co-ordinate with its staff in daily deliveries. Jessa is an avid fan of multiplayer games online.

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