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Dashmesh’s Brands


    Dashmesh’s very own brand of non-perishable food products including lentils, spices, nuts etc. Available in both consumer and bulk 25kg packs.


    Premium Basmati Rice from Dashmesh. Grown on snow-fed water of the Himalayas. Demanded by great restaurants / hotels and available in both consumer and bulk 25kg packs.

Product Partners

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    Our distinguished and long-time partner and an internationally renowned premium basmati rice brand, enjoyed by connoisseurs.


    Our distinguished premium basmati rice partneer. Daawat is one of the leading international brands, well regarded by many.


    One of the largest dairy companies in the world. Dashmesh has been their leading Food Service distributor for over 10 years, with products from NZ.

  • NO. 717

    Pakistan’s leading Super Kernal Basmati Rice, and Singapore’s leading Pakistani Basmati Rice.

  • SWAD

    Premium Indian food product from Gujarat, India. Their product range includes Ready to Eat and various pickles and chutneys.