• Wholesale/Retail Supplier of Provisions and Dairy Products
  • Specialist in all Indian and Pakistani Food Products
  • Consolidator of General Products

Key Milestones



Dashmesh was incorporated as a sole proprietary trading company in 1985 and re-incorporated as Dashmesh Singapore Private Limited in 2004. 

Since inception, Dashmesh has enjoyed record sales turnover and revenue almost every year. It has re-invested significant portions of its profits on upgrading its operations, in anticipation of future growth opportunities. It has  developed its own premium house brands, namely, Temasek Gold for Basmati Rice and the Malika range of dried food products such as spices, lentils and nuts. Today, the Company employs SAP IT solutions for its inventory and accounting requirements. 

Dashmesh has been a recipient of the distinguished Annual SME 500 Award since 2006. It was certified ISO 9001/2000 compliant in 2008. 


Continuous Growth


Organic growth. This has been the mainstay of the business since 1985 and provides the revenue and profitability that Dashmesh enjoys today.

Network Development. A continuous process of enlarging and maintaining a wide network of distribution is crucial to attracting business alliances with producers and distributors of noteworthy products.

Strategic Alliances. Dashmesh welcomes the setting up of partnerships and alliances with businesses with similar objectives,  complementary products and new markets thereby benefiting from greater economies of scale.

New Strategies. Dashmesh is making headway in the Muslim/Halal food sector. At the same time, it is expanding its chilled dairy products section to meet increasing demand. Its inherent strength in Indian/Pakistani products can be replicated in the region, especially in Malaysia and the ASEAN countries. 

Product Sourcing. Dashmesh is building a bigger base of products and identifying select items that may prove to be “killer SKUs”. As the Singapore market is small, collaboration with regional players will enlarge our customer base.